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Keeping Track of What of I Read: March

1. “Hurston/Wright Foundation Turns 25” by Stacia Brown (Online article). 2. “Typewriters in the 21st Century” by Rachel Axelbank (Online article). 3. “Hospice” and “Small Talk” by Dylan Weir (Poems). 4. “Invisible Girl” by Jennifer Pashley (Short story). 5. “Black Bodies in White Words, Or: Why We Need Claudia Rankine” by Syreeta McFadden (Online article). … Continue reading


Keeping Track of What I Read: January

1. “Resolved: Writing is a Job” by Ann Patchett (Online article). 2. “Broadway Bound: Audra McDonald on Her Childhood Home” by Audra McDonald (Online article). 3. “The Fault Line” by Amanda Miska (Flash fiction). 4. “‘Empire’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 1” by Roxane Gay (Online article). 5. Strange Library by Haruki Murakami (Novella). 6. “Obits and … Continue reading