Preparing for a New Routine

After maintaining my skincare routine for two months, I’m at the point where I can determine which products will stay with me in the spring and which ones I’ll be swapping out for something new. I talked a little about this on my podcast, I can’t add pictures on there. 😃

First up is the switch to the Oat Cleansing Balm. I’m looking for a product that emulsifies, rinses away clean with warm water, and has an easy application process (I prefer squeezing a tube).

I’m changing to the Coconut Water Hibiscus + Rosehip Toner. I want a toner that’s light enough to layer and can soothe my skin. The fatty acids are a nice bonus.

Next, I’m adding a new serum to the mix with Rewind. Since my toner doesn’t have hyaluronic acid or niacinimide, I had to make sure I still had these ingredients in my routine. I’m also upping my granactive retinoid from 2% to 5%.

My new moisturizer will be Liquid Gold because I need some ceremides in my routine and I’m becoming a fan of sea buckthorn oil. I’m hoping the texture is less sticky than my previous moisturizer and blends well with my sunscreen. Have you tried any of these products?

I still haven’t quite hit my skincare goals of finding products that will prevent acne, but because it’s hormonal, it may never go away completely. I have had some success with hyperpigmentation though.

So, I had a breakout at the end of December where these lovelies decided to take up residence on my face. After about a month of staying consistent with my routine, I can see that it’s fading the pigmentation. I used a bunch of acne patches, but I attribute most of the results to niacinimide, retinol, alpha arbutin, and mandelic acid. And sunscreen! I still wear it inside the house because my desk is close to a window.

I should also add some body lotion & hand cream to my routine, but I don’t have many on my radar. Any suggestions?

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