professional development

Training and More Training

To learn about everything that comes with the technical librarian position, I’ve attended a lot of online training. Like a lot. And let me tell you, I like training. Because I want to do a good job, you know? And if you train me on a thing, I can learn it. Especially if it taps into each of the learning modalities. Unless it’s cooking. If it’s cooking, I’m not going to get it, lol. I can follow the recipe, but it’s going to taste like a robot made it.

Training has covered MARC 21, RDA, serial vs monograph cataloging, collection development, and there’s still a few more weeks left. I’m trying to soak up as much as I can, but it probably won’t stick until I’m actually doing the work. SuDocs – short for Superintendent of Documents – is the classification system GPO uses (like Dewey Decimal) and is one of the things I’ve learned that feels solid in my mind.

It’s amazing how the skills you need as a reference librarian are so different from what you need as a technical librarian. Sure, there’s some crossover, but not much. Anyway, I’m ready for more.

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