highly textured hair

Quarantine Hair Update

I got a chance to use the new Melanin Haircare products I bought to encourage me to take care of my hair again.

After cleaning my hair with my trusty Oyin Handmade shampoo, I followed up with a deep condition by mixing the leave-in conditioner with the pure oil blend. I covered my hair in a plastic bag and wrapped it in a towel to create some heat and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Even though you can leave in the conditioner, I rinsed it out and added the style cream in six big twists and let it air dry overnight. It still wasn’t dry by the morning, which is not unusual.

I unraveled the thick twists and retwisted them into medium sized twists so they would dry faster. A few hours later, I added some of the pure oil blend to the twists and then took them down, separating them and finger fluffing the roots. And…it was something.

My hair looked parched and I couldn’t figure out what I did incorrectly to get such wack results. I assumed it was user error and not due to the products because I haven’t done a twist-out in a long time. So, I misted my hair with water and added more of the style cream and twisted them once more. The next day, I added more of the oil and took twists down and then the results were much better.

I’m not sure what was wrong with the first take down, but perhaps I underestimated how cold weather has affected my hair. Not because I’m outside much, but because I’m inside a lot with the heat turned on. On my next try, I’m going to leave the conditioner in since I clearly could use a moisture boost.

Looking forward to using these products more, even though I’m going to put my hair in a bun anyway. 🤣

3 thoughts on “Quarantine Hair Update

  1. Your hair turned out gorgeous! The bun must be more practical, but your hair down in that last picture looks really really beautiful – and with your glasses, it really complements your look!

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