Dermatologists, Estheticians, & Skin Influencers on YouTube

I was clueless on skincare when I started getting into it back in May, but like any good librarian, I did my research to gather a bunch of resources to assist me in learning. Just in case you’d like to learn more about keeping your skin healthy, I listed five of my favorite YouTube channels to watch to get you started.

Dr. Alexis Stephens is a licensed dermatologist who practices in Florida. I like going to her channel for information about how to fade hyperpigmentation and to hear from a professional who is a Black woman and knows about how to treat Black skin.

Nayamka Roberts-Smith aka LABeautyologist is an esthetician who created the 60 second rule and practices in Los Angeles. She is an excellent source on the best practices in cleansing your face and is also a professional Black woman who understands the needs of Black skin.

Danielle Gray aka The Style and Beauty Doctor is a blogger, writer, and style expert in New York. Danielle is a natural in front of the camera and delivers information about skincare that’s entertaining and factual. She talks to her viewers like they are peers or good girlfriends. I especially like getting information about sunscreen from her.

Beauty Within is a skincare, beauty and wellness collective hosted by Rowena and Felicia. Their channel is a good source for reviews on a wide array of products for different skin types. They are fun to watch, create regular content and the production value of their videos are fantastic. Also, they have a shop where you can purchase some of the products they review on the channel.

Glow By Ramón is a cosmetic chemistry student, skin enthusiast, and former employee at Sephora. Ramón does a series on mineral sunscreens – testing whether they a brown skin friendly – that is super helpful. Ramón’s a fan of Rihanna and his Fenty Foundation shade is two above mine, so I know if a mineral sunscreen works for him it’ll probably work for me too.

Skincare YouTube is endless, but these skincare experts are a good place to start. Do you have any favorites that I should be watching? Let me know.

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