Hurston/Wright, Poetry & Jericho Brown

Last weekend I spent time on Howard’s campus workshopping poetry and learning from Jericho Brown. Along with the poetry workshop, fiction and nonfiction writers were also there to work on their craft for a weekend organized by the Hurston/Wright Foundation.

In one of his lectures, Jericho talked about identity, more specifically, identifying as a poet and allowing time for that part of you, instead of making it priority #97 that often gets ignored. Lecture is probably the wrong word for it, Jericho is down-to-earth (and funny), so it felt more like a conversation, which was nice and put me at ease. I’m kidding, I was never at ease. I was was mostly anxious, but perhaps I did a good job of appearing calm.

Saturday night, the three workshop leaders gave a reading at Politics & Prose. It was great to hear Jericho read his work in person, and also to hear Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts & Morowa Yejidé, because I was unfamiliar with their work.

I had a fabulous time and I’ve been able to carve out some dedicated time to revise the poem that the workshop critiqued and work on new poems. Hopefully, I can keep it up.

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