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Using the KonMari System or Naw

If you have Netflix, I’m sure you’ve seen Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. It inspired me to take a look at my bookshelves and evaluate which books “spark joy” and which ones don’t. Listen to some of my ramblings here, but here is a visual of some of my shelves.


One of the poetry sections


A wide view.


The composition books.


Only finished two of these.

Marie’s system may not be for me as far as books are concerned, but her folding method is on point. Do you plan on using the KonMari system on your bookshelves?

5 thoughts on “Using the KonMari System or Naw

  1. For some strange reason the images aren’t coming up for me when I access your site via the reader – I’ll come back. But this post reminded me of something funny I saw posted on instagram. It was a split screen with Marie Kondo’s quote about paring one’s library down to 30 books on top; the bottom half was a commercial drawing of a blond white guy wearing a suit (circa 1950s) with his hand in the air saying “No one needs that kind of negativity!” 😂lol!

  2. I actually did use the system for my books, but I didn’t narrow my books down to 30. That’s absolutely ridiculous. 30 books?! Nah, not for me. But I did keep all the books that spark joy.

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