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Winter 🍊

Okay, so that emoji is probably an orange, but in my case it’s a tangerine.

I participated in an online writing workshop with Winter Tangerine in August and haven’t written about the experience on my blog. Partially because it’s not library related, but really I just haven’t made time for it.

It was a three week long workshop of about 30+ writers. We were placed in small groups and led by an advisor. We had to write each day and submit 3-4 poems a week to be critiqued and do the same for the members in our group. It was pretty intense for me to keep up the pace of writing, reading model texts, and critiquing, while still working full time. But I loved it because I could virtually be around like souls doing the thing I would do without being paid for it.


“Lost” by Colleen Stark published in Volume Two of the Winter Tangerine Review. Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  I used this picture as inspiration for one of my morning autowrites.

I have a lot of revising I need to do before sending most of the poems I wrote out in the world, but there are at least three of them that I actually like, and I would have never written them had it not been for this workshop.

I plan to keep in touch with the other writers in my group because I really need some writer friends who get it, you know? The connection with other writers is what made this the best experience.

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