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Tracing Your Roots

I’m still waiting for my initial librarian certification. Still. Regardless, I attend training that I find interesting and on Saturday I went to C. Burr Artz Public Library and took a genealogy class led by Michael Twitty.


Photo Credit: C. Burr Artz Public Library

This class motivated me to take a DNA test and encourage other family members to take one as well. I’m curious to know where in Africa my ancestors come from besides just assuming somewhere in West Africa, also curious to know who my non-African ancestors are as well.

Michael Twitty gave several resources to get started with your genealogy search, like African Ancestry which can trace your African ancestry to the country of origin, on your matrilineal and patrilineal side. You’re going to want to save your pennies up to get that test done. Another genetic test site is 23 and Me which will give you ideas about your ancestry along with wellness reports, trait reports and more. The cost for the test is more economical, but still fairly expensive. GEDMatch is free, but it’s a do-it-yourself type of service where you can enter in data you’ve received from genetic tests and match it up with other people who have uploaded theirs.

Black Roots

Twitty recommended this book.

During Twitty’s primer, he said that in his research on his ancestry he found that families that have a high rate of twins in their family generally came from Texas, due to a high concentration of people of Yoruba descent living in that area. I found that particularly interesting because my grandfather was a twin and lived in Texas before migrating to California.

I’d definitely recommend taking Michael Twitty’s course if you’re interested in identifying your African ancestry. Not only is the information he shares helpful, but he has a great personality and is an entertaining speaker.


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