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The #WakandaSyllabus 

Have you seen the #WakandaSyllabus yet? It was started by Dr. Walter Greason and inspired from Black Panther’s appearance in the latest Captain America movie. A storify of the syllabus has been created, but let me give you a sample of four resources on the list.

Obviously, you need to have the complete collection of the original Black Panther comics. 

Pumzi is an Afrofuturist film short about a post-apocalyptic world set in Kenya, where there is environmental strife and people mostly communicate with each other through technology. 

I haven’t read Super Black myself, but according to @IWriteAllDay_, it includes considerable detail about Black Panther. 

I participated in the syllabus too. Of all of resources I added, “The Amazing Adventures of Race in Comics” received the most retweets and ❤️s. I was excited that this tweet was well received because it talks about how VCU’s library recently acquired the All-Negro Comics No. 1. 

I love it when Twitter does smart things!

7 thoughts on “The #WakandaSyllabus 

  1. I just read the second issue of Black Panther last night. I am loving it! I don’t usually read comic books but the new Black Panther has me so excited for a super hero like I’ve never been before.
    Btw, I don’t think I follow you on Twitter. Will fix that now!

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