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Another Chance to be with the Pattern

Two Octavia E. Butler conferences in the same year!?! I’m not sure my nerd heart can take it. My pockets are so dry though. However on the off chance that I might be able to rub some coins together and attend Shaping Change, I am challenging myself to finish reading the rest of Butler’s fiction before June. Currently I’m reading Clay’s Ark, and listening to Parable of the Talents. I’d like to read the series in chronological order, so I’m going to have to find Survivor – which is out of print because OEB disliked it. I want a physical copy, but if none are available, I was told there are ways of accessing it online. Then all that will be left is Patternmaster.


I still don’t have a paper ready to submit…but I’m one baby step closer. After doing the Wikipediathon at the conference put on by the Octavia E. Butler Society, I realized that there aren’t many critical essays specifically about Mind of My Mind. The ones that I’ve found deal with the Patternist series as a whole. Her ideas about community and consent jumped out at me as a topic, but I haven’t written anything down yet.

Are you going to the conference?


6 thoughts on “Another Chance to be with the Pattern

  1. Similarly, I am in a bit of a financial slump at the moment; I am also due to give birth near that time. If timing and finances allow, I am going to the PAMLA conference in Pasadena this November so that I can – potentially – visit the Octavia E. Butler archives at the Huntington.

      • What is your favorite Butler book and/or novel? It’s nearly a tie between Xenogenesis and Wild Seed for me, but I read Xenogenesis when I was very young and it had a major impact, so that one’s my favorite. I also identify strongly with Akin. As for short stories.. they are all good, and I prefer novels to short stories, but I like “Bloodchild” and “The Evening and the Morning and the Night.”

      • I was introduced to OEB via Kindred and it’s the one I’ve reread most often, so it is my favorite. Fledgling is in second place. Lilith’s Brood is my favorite series, but it’s also the only series I’ve completed. It may change to the Patternist series once I finish it. I haven’t read Bloodchild in a long time, but I remember connecting with “Speech Sounds” and the title story.

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