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Book Bits: Mind of My Mind

While I was growing up, Forsyth Public Library was my second home. It was someplace I could go and be by myself.

Early in Mind of My Mind, Mary – the protagonist – is forced into a relationship with a telepath named Karl. That causes strife between them, however when Mary sees his personal library she decides “A guy with  a room like that in his house couldn’t be all bad” (34-35). 

Mary then goes on to describe the Forsyth Public Library and the librarians:

I actually liked the little old ladies who worked there, and they sort of adopted me. That was where I got into the habit of reading everything I could get my hands on. And now…well, old-fashioned libraries of wood and stone and books were still like home to me.

Forsyth is probably a fictionalized version of the Pasadena Public Library, where Butler  was actually a patron in her youth. After reading that passage I tried to imagine what it would be like to see OEB leisurely spend time at the library.  

But she was shy and I’m an introvert, so I bet we wouldn’t have talked unless she had a research question.   

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