Resume Questions at the Information Desk

It seems like a lot of patrons have been asking for resume assistance at the information desk lately. We generally have books on how to construct a quality resume, but I get the distinct feeling that what patrons would like is someone who can compile the information for them and type it up. I know some libraries have a Career Resources Center or/and a Career Librarian that is able to provide that type of one-on-one service, but what do you do if your library doesn’t have either?


Just kidding. I like recommending the Anne Arundel Workforce Development Corporation because along with résumé workshops they teach computer basics. For those who can’t make it to AAWDC, there are Lynda classes that patrons can watch that are very detailed.

Brainfuse has an Adult Learning Center that will help with building a resume, which you can then upload to the site to be edited in 24 hours – plus they have a live chat option.

The Testing & Education Reference Center has a bunch of career tools, and building a resume is one of them (along with computer basics! You notice how I mentioned that twice? Because reasons).


These resources are only helpful for people who have a library card, but YouTube has videos that anyone can access, and the folks at Purdue Owl have sample resumes, reference sheets, and a resume workshop that are all free.

Do you have a favorite resource for resume assistance?

2 thoughts on “Resume Questions at the Information Desk

  1. This is fab you less information. I know a lot of people looking for work can use this! Thanks for all of this information. I’m so blessed to have a baby sister who does this for me 😘 praises to God!

  2. I had a patron recently that definitely needed more help than I could provide and I gave her the Workforce Development information. I think she thought I was just trying to shake her off, but really, she needed someone who could sit with her and walk her through how to search for jobs, step by step. English wasn’t her first language and if I had sat down with her, I would have been there all day. And that would not have been possible. I just really hope she went to the AAWDC after we finished up!

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