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Dallas Public Library: A Visit

I popped my head into the central branch of Dallas Public Library  recently, and took a few pictures while I was inside. I didn’t take enough good shots, but I’ll show you what I have.

This is the desk I saw when I first entered the building.


This is on the first floor, near the magazine collection. I thought the post-it note art was cool. The one on the left is an interpretation of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.


One of the shelves for holds.

  A cute winter display.

The second floor was for children and behind the glass is the story time room. I’m just taking a guess though, it could be a multipurpose room.

On the fourth floor I saw this area that had several record players and whatnot. I was tempted to ask if patrons used them, but decided against it.

Got distracted by a cat book I saw on a cart.

A BIG book and a rocking chair.

The fifth floor was dedicated to business, gardening, other things, and had a special area about oil & gas. It’s Texas. Historical pictures of oil drills made an appearance too. I’m pretty sure I skipped the six & the eight floor because I was hungry and ready to go, and the seventh floor was closed for renovation.

One thing that stood out for me at this library was how many male patrons there were. I’d say 90 of all the patrons in the library were men, and most of the women that were present, were on staff. Can you take a guess why?

8 thoughts on “Dallas Public Library: A Visit

  1. Hm…what is your theory on the amount of male patrons? Did you feel it was a lot more than you see back home? Is it because this library has more dedicated research areas ?

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