Book Bits: Letter to a Future Lover

A library is a synonym for slow, a silent coil into the past’s dust. Quick transmission of anything here won’t get you anywhere.

— Ander Monson

For people who don’t regularly come into a library – public or otherwise – the idea that it is a quiet, sluggish place is what they envision in their minds. Sheesh. Where else do you envision things? sat cat gify

I’m not sure how that idea gets perpetuated, but it’s out there. If I had a nickel for each time someone said they assumed my job was stress-free because I could read all day or that the atmosphere was peaceful, I’d have at least $1.95. Let me just tell you, at the end of the day, I am mentally drained. When the doors open in the morning, people are walking in the door; and when it’s 5 minutes to closing, we are ushering people out. I did volunteer at a special library that could fit Monson’s description, but the majority are active places.


3 thoughts on “Book Bits: Letter to a Future Lover

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  2. I am the minority who’s never thought that – am always in awe of librarians for the wonderful service that people like you provide – thank you 🙂

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