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Weeding Adult Graphic Novels 

Ah, the ghost town that is the graphic novels section. It’s not a very large section to weed – which cuts down on time – but my feeling is that it’s small because the interest at my branch (and perhaps others) is low. Maybe that’s because there’s a large comic book store close by and folks would rather purchase than borrow? Whatever the reason, the stats for the following books are pretty dismal.

Okay, so what are those four legged creatures on the front cover? Ghost dogs? A Lucha libre mascot? I have no idea, but perhaps that kept people away from picking up this graphic. It hasn’t circulated in over a year, and the binding still feels crisp, as if it’s only been opened a few times. In the two years that it’s been here, The Vicar Woman has left this branch four times.

Persia Blues has  had a little better success at attracting readers, perhaps due to having more copies in the catalog (5). Despite being in the catalog for less time than The Vicar Woman, Persia Blues has circulated six times.



Out of the three graphic novels, I found the illustrations in Morning Glories to be the best. At some point I considered starting this series, but then decided against it. Only one person checked out this copy, but in it’s defense, it’s fared better at other branches.

Fair thee well, adult graphic novels. There will be a hole in the world where you used to be…until we fill it.

One thought on “Weeding Adult Graphic Novels 

  1. Graphic novel readers in our area are like Sci-Fi readers – they place the holds and pick them up, never talking to us so we never get a chance to convince them to try some of the other series. (though the Vicar Woman cover is definitely an art style I would not pick up…I think that happens more with adult graphics too, artists try to experiment with styles to tell their stories so they are less mainstream. I tend to be very nice to adult graphics when I weed because there are so few)

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