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Raid My Library: The Duplicate Edition 

I’m still trying to weed my own personal library. You would think since I work at a library, that my shelves at home wouldn’t be so tight, right? It’s because I’m a book hoarder. I have managed to slow down on the amount of books I buy, but I never get rid of any…and sometimes I’m crazy enough to get duplicates of the same title.  

For example, I have two copies of Wisdom Teeth.  In this instance, it was because I already had a copy at home, and then happened to see Derrick at a poetry event (if I remember correctly, he was in the audience). There was no telling when I might randomly see him again, so I got a second copy. I don’t need two, so if you want the one that I doggeared and dotted*, then claim it. 


With Substitute Me, I won a copy in a contest. I must have bought a copy first, because the contest copy still has that new book binding freshness. Fans of 32 Candles would probably enjoy this book, it’s like highbrow chick lit.  

I’m not sure why I have two copies of Locomotion. I probably have three, if I look a little harder. I’m a big fan of Jacqueline Woodson, I’m her #9 fan to be exact.  The copy I’m giving away used to be housed at Harris County Public Library, a library I’ve never been to, so I’m really not sure how this wound up on my shelf. Perhaps because the cover was different… 


Save these books from the recycle bin. Adopt one. 

* I have this system with poetry books where I put a dot next to poems I’ve read, and then a second dot next to the ones I really enjoyed. 

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