Diversifying my Reading Goals

I looked at my year in books over at GoodReads, and noticed that I read mostly graphic novels, fiction, and picture books.  This year I would like to spread the love around to different types of books, so it’s not lopsided – especially in the poetry and nonfiction category. For 2016 I’m going to lower my reading goal to 52 books in a year, but I have to read 7 books minimum in the following categories: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short story collections, graphic novels, picture books, and young adult. I know some of you did the math and realize that leaves 3 books uncategorized.

Not sure what to do about the extras. Do you have suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Diversifying my Reading Goals

  1. Those 3 are your free squares, like BINGO! When you see an awesome book you just can’t pass up that won’t fit your quota, you can read it guilt free! A “cheat” book in your reading diet.

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