Not Quite Official

This post could also be titled “That Time I Thought I Was a Professional Librarian.”  

 In a previous post I wondered if the MLS degree or a librarian job makes you a librarian. Perhaps it’s the combination of both? I feel like one at this point, but I forgot there is one last step in order to join the ranks of a professional, and that’s to get a certificate issued by the Maryland State Department of Education. To get one, you have to send your MLS transcript and $10 to MSDE; and to renew the certification, you need 90 hours of continuing education units within a 5 year period.

I’m not sure how long the process takes, but until it’s official, any of the CEUs I take are for my own personal edification, because they won’t count towards the 90 hours. I won’t let that stop me from getting training though, I like learning new library things. I’m sure by the time I go to the PLA Conference, I’ll be certified.

3 thoughts on “Not Quite Official

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