Highly Textured Writer: Naomi Jackson

high•ly tex•tured writ•er: A person whose work is to write books, poems, or stories and has curly or kinky hair.

Say hello to Naomi Jackson, author of The Star Side of Bird Hill.

  1. What is your signature hairstyle and how do you achieve it? naomi jackson

How did you know that I’m obsessed with my hair? This is by far my favorite question I’ve been asked so far. I was lucky enough to find a great hairstylist just in time for book tour. So if I’m being honest, I would say that my signature hairstyle is an up-do of my locs, and I achieve it by putting my trust in my stylist. There are some great hair pics from this summer on my #thisis30 feature for as well as my interview with (the fuzziness of my hair there is entirely my responsibility).

  1. Which books could give insight on you as a person? Why? soldier

I spent a lot of time when I was growing up wondering if I was the only person whose family was the way it was. So I read a lot of stories about other people’s families. Some of my favorites were Shay Youngblood’s Soul Kiss, June Jordan’s Soldier and Audre Lorde’s Zami: A New Spelling of My Name.

  1. Do you have any fond memories of being at the library?Brooklyn_Public_Library_sunset_jeh

I have loved the library since I got my first library card at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Grand Army Plaza Branch when I was five. I remember reading a book about a girl who gets a library card either right before or just afterwards. Most of my weekends were taken up with checking out and returning books to that same branch, and I spent many weekdays there doing my homework in the children’s room. The library was like a second home. I even dreamed of getting married there.

  1. What has your experience been like book touring with The Star Side of Bird Hill? Is it super fabulous like I imagine it to be in my head? 
    Naomi reading at Busboys and Poets, 2015

    Naomi reading at Busboys and Poets, 2015

Define super fabulous. It’s mostly been really fun. The awesome bits first: meeting people who have read my book and loved it, or have heard my book is good, and want to read it; virtual and in-person book clubs; having reunions with friends all over the country who I love but don’t get to see very often. I’m very grateful for all the people who’ve taken the time to not only read my book but also haul themselves to readings and/or invite me to do events or interviews. I’ve only had a couple hiccups: a 30-hour train ride from Oakland to Seattle that was more epic than scenic and a bout of tonsillitis caused by a combination of stress and talking too much (I don’t think this last reason would pass muster with a doctor). On the whole, book tour was great, and I would do it all over again if I had the chance.

Do you want to learn more about Naomi? Visit her website or follow her on Twitter

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  1. Wow I was just about to say this is a new blog when I saw one of Jacquline Woodson! I love this article and love you initiative in getting the word out about Highly textured people 😘

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