Weeding in the 150s

The 15os are a section that should be close to my heart, given the fact that I majored in Psychology for undergrad, but I can’t honestly say that I ever read books in this area. I should have majored in English or Comparative Literature, but it’s too late for all that. Ah well, here are few books that are smaller than the DSM-IV and will be leaving us soon, hopefully not to the detriment of their egos.

The book cover might lead you to believe that it’s title is Why Success Always Starts with Failure: Adapt (155.24), but it’s actually the opposite [insert silly pun here about how they book designer should have adapted her/his technique]. Adapt, in it’s fourish years at the library, checked out 15 times – 40 if you count all branches in the system.


Blunder (153.83) saw considerably less action and left us only 3 times. It hasn’t moved from it’s spot on the shelf in two years. Perhaps it’s shy?


I love the cover for Imagine (153.35) and I’m sure that at least a few of it’s 17 visits out of the library were sparked by judging the book by it’s cover. Did I really just say that? Pretend I didn’t. My creativity is broken. My creativity isn’t working. Imagine wins the popularity contest, but it still gets the boot like all the rest. It’s a cold world.

One thought on “Weeding in the 150s

  1. While this is technically the psych section, it seems to really be the “self help” area. Also, these covers are pretty bland. White with text? no wonder they didn’t hop off the shelf. I find a lot of these kinds of books are popular for their moment and then fade away. **salutes as the books are sent to the big library in the sky**

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