Weeding in the 200s

One of the sections I’m responsible for maintaining is the religion area. I don’t often venture in this area unless it’s work related. Do you want to see some of the titles on the weeding list?

christ chick

I never watched season six of The Biggest Loser, but the author of Becoming Fearless (248.86 A) was the winner of that season. Since Aguilar’s book has taken residence on the shelf, it’s been checked out four times, the last time was back in 2013.


The Next Christians (277.3083 L) had a slightly higher amount of readers because it circulated seven times. Hey, seven is a spiritual number, right? The last patron to bring it back did so right after Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad one.

good girls

Good Catholic Girls (282.082 B) has lived in the library for ten years and has left only once. Only once. And such a nice cover too.

Sending them to book heaven.

8 thoughts on “Weeding in the 200s

  1. Interesting that someone who won a weight loss show would write a religious book. Why would someone seek out spiritual guidance from someone who is really good at dieting? Not surprised that didn’t check out much!

  2. Interesting. Especially with the dreadful killings at a church in Bible study 😢 those murdered have gone to Heaven. Do either of these books speak of Heaven? Is it based on New Thought churches?

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