Feeling Some Type of Way

I’m beginning to feel like this blog has reached the end of its original purpose, even though I’m technically still not a full fledged librarian. The fact that I have graduated has finally sunk in and it feels like a finish line.  

 I’m going to continue blogging until the end of the summer, and if I still feel the same way  in August, then goodbye blog. By August, the new budget will have been approved and (I assume) hiring will begin for the vacant spots, so there is a chance I might be an official librarian by then. 

Perhaps if I refocus this blog, or provide something unique here, I’ll feel like there’s a point for me to continue on, instead of using the time for something more useful. There are already so many good librarian blogs on the Internet.  My highly textured librarian features are the only unique thing that I have that other folks don’t…but do you know how hard it is to find Black librarians with natural hair? Let me give you an example. Last week I attended Black Belt training (which probably sounds like I’m learning martial arts) and there were 32 people in attendance. Three were highly textured – including myself. None of us are officially librarians.

 Anyway, I’m going to research other librarian blogs this summer and see if there is some niche I can fit myself into. Lots of librarian blogs write book reviews, offer program ideas, share library jobs, and discuss issues in library land, etc. What else is there? 

9 thoughts on “Feeling Some Type of Way

    • That’s sweet Mom. You could hear all this stuff first hand from me though. You care about the “adventures” because I’m your daughter, but is anything I’m saying all that interesting to people outside (or inside) of the library?

  1. Yes, it is! And I love your reading round-ups. Why not continue these and let the blog evolve? PLEASE DON’T GO.

  2. I also enjoy (and am jealous of) your monthly “what I read” posts. I haven’t found anything else like it and I’m hoping you plan to continue to read 😀

    Since I also graduated last month, joining the ranks of the MLIS-ers, I plan to spend the summer organizing myself around my new venture (as yet unannounced, but planned for September launch). I’m also textured (natural, but not quite highly textured) and I hope to be interesting enough for an interview one day!

    • Two votes for the reading round up.

      You are interesting enough right now to interview, and if you want I can time the post to go up in conjunction with your new venture in September.

      • I’m sure I’d be too boring to interview now. I’m not working now, and still figuring out my life post-MLIS. My pipe dream, er plan feels unfocused as of yet. Let me get back to you in September when I feel more organized. And please don’t stop blogging your library experiences – or your reading.

  3. Nooooo! Don’t go! I really enjoy reading your posts. You have my vote for reading round-ups. Plus, you can always share your experiences with us as a young black librarian who just started in the field. In the library classes I’ve taken so far, there hasn’t been many black people in there. Those who are are usually there for the G.E. credit. Why not take the rest of the summer and brainstorm a few things? I’ll help. No pressure. 🙂

    • Thank you. I’m in brainstorm mode trying to figure out other things I can do repeatedly, on a monthly basis. I was poking around in my archives and there were two ideas I started but didn’t keep up with. I’ll start with trying to do those again. If you have other ideas, I’m open to hearing them.

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