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I Still Don’t Believe It

I finished the final for my last library school class on Monday. Graduation is next week. Then I’m done.

Does that mean the librarian dream is over once I have my degree? Does the degree make you the librarian, or does the the job title make you the librarian? If you think it’s the title, then the librarian dream isn’t over and I still have a few more steps to before I cross that finish line.

And then what?

On another note, I got a thank you letter from an elementary school I visited recently for career day. I had some feels.

14 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Believe It

  1. Congratulations, Evelyn! Putting positive thoughts out into the world that you find the job that makes your heart soar. Wish I could be there to cheer you on as you graduate. (hug)

  2. The dream is not over! I feel like you have so much more to give, especially now that you’re getting into doing programming and outreach. It’s more than the title, it’s about doing what you love. I know you have some really cool interests! The dream isn’t even close to over until you have a large pile of “thank you” notes on your desk from a variety of places. 🙂

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