We engage from within our bodies

“If you are a citizen…”

andrea blancas beltran

Metta Sáma’s powerful blog post last week began:

This morning I opened the door to a man whose name I did not know.

Metta concluded this post with a link to her words on a project in which Harvey L. Hix “asked poets to respond to a quote by Adorno and one by Auden.” Metta writes:

I sat with these quotes for weeks, wondering if this was a battle I wanted to fight. I did. & I did.

Her rumination resonates even more this morning:

                       …I say in service of themselves to indicate the

ways in which the founding of the United States un-

humanized de-humanized women un-humanized de-

humanized indigenous peoples un-humanized de-humanized

enslaved Africans

I encourage you to immerse yourself in her writing this morning. Simmer in the truth of her grandmother and how Metta identifies the…

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