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3D and Arduino

AACPL recently received a grant for 3D printers and a group of us were trained on how to use it and Arduino.  

I’ve never had a chance to interact with a 3D printer so it was a fun experience.  


One of the major projects for my LBSC 622 class is to create a MakerSpace that is accessible, so I’m hoping I can use what I’ve learned for that assignment.  


The Arduino was more challenging (for me), but after some detailed instruction, we were able to get it to work too. 



I looked up the price of personal 3D printers and I saw a range from $500 to $1200 for the model the library has, but many are way higher than that. Perhaps we can get a grant for the 3D printer that makes pancakes. 🙂

4 thoughts on “3D and Arduino

  1. We used our 3D printers for the first time during Teen Tech week a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool to see what they can make

  2. 3-D printers are practical as well. I “printed” a small leg for a plastic tea brewer that had broken. I measured the 3 remaining legs, created a new one in TinkerCad, and sent it to the printer at my local library. They charge by weight with $1 minimum. I got the piece within a week and glued it on – perfect fit! I didn’t have to trash the tea brewer, therefore saved the $25 it cost me! I think you will love it, and let patrons know it has practical value. I can put photos on Twitter if you want to see.

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