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The Dreaded Presentation Assignment

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I make it sound so ominous, but for folks who are extroverts, presenting in front of your library school peers and professor might not be a big deal. It’s a big deal for me, each time, and it never gets any easier.

So anyway, in the LBSC 622 class we have to present a program or some technology that can help with accessibility for a particular group, depending on the topic of that week. I present during the “Accessibility and Immigration/ELL learners” week, so I have been digging around for something applicable. I’ve hit a lot of dead ends during my search, but I think I found a winner in the Promotoras Ambassador Program at Waukegan Public Library.

8 thoughts on “The Dreaded Presentation Assignment

  1. This would be the plus side of doing my MLIS online. We may have had to suffer through group projects, but never had to do any presentations!

    You’ll be fine! You probably have more XP than most of the people in your class. How many of them actually have jobs in a library?

  2. I know this feeling, and I’m sorry. You’re right–it doesn’t get easier. Know I’ll be thinking of you!

  3. It’s like singing in front of a crowd of people for me, it still makes me nervous but when its over I say ” that wasn’t so bad”
    I wish I were there to watch you shine 😘

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