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Genius for You


Have you seen all the activity on the #BlackComicsMonth hashtag on Twitter? You should probably check it out if you haven’t so the rest of what I’m going to say makes sense. Or I could give you a quick summary:The hashtag was started by @MizCaramelVixen to celebrate Black comic book creators.

Genius is illustrated by Afua Richardson and since I have already read all five volumes, I want to share them with you. In other words, I’m going to give them away for zero dollars and zero cents.

So, how do you win all five comic books?

1. Leave a comment below sharing your favorite comic book character.
2. Refer to number one.

That’s it!

The contest ends February 28th. Each comment will be assigned a number and then I’ll use to select the winner. I’ll announce the winner on March 2nd.

Good luck.

10 thoughts on “Genius for You

  1. Oooo…yes, please!

    I have a couple of favorite comic book characters right now–I’m really loving Dee in Rat Queens and Gwendolyn in Saga.

    Genius is a series that I’ve had on my “comics I want to read list” for a while now, but I just haven’t had the chance to do so yet.

  2. OooooOOOH! Thank you for introducing me to Afua. I freaked when I saw a black woman with locs creating gorgeous art work (she’s self taught too!). There is something about seeing someone who looks like you doing things you’re interested in.

    I’m just now getting into the awesomeness of comics. The first comic that made me see their beauty and a character I really like is John Blacksad in Blacksad.

  3. At the moment my favorite character is Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan is, for me, the most relatable character to enter the world of comics in recent memory. She personifies the unlikely hero in a way that feels so grounded. It puts a wonder back into super heroes comics, her awe in what is happening comes off as purely genuine. Trying to balance her family life, her friends, and her new found powers is what made Spider-Man so amazing for me when I was a kid. Ms. Marvel has found a way to make it feel new again, and how often do we get a character just trying to do the right thing?

  4. My favorite comic book character is Mystique. Like most comic book villains, she’s never been portrayed consistently, but there have been a few memorable runs where she was just infinitely compelling.

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