Yung Rapunxel


You know how WordPress creates that year in review thing for you every December? I looked at the report this year and was a bit dissapointed in the stats, which is why I didn’t post it this year. The amount of posts that I have written has diminished each year. I’d like to change that. So in order to make that change I have to set a concrete goal for myself.

My goal is to write 72 posts in 2015. That’s about 15 more posts than I wrote in 2014, and 15 fewer than I wrote in 2013, so it’s a doable goal. I should also really go back to the highly textured librarian/writer posts because they were my favorite.

One post down, 71 more to go.

Why the Azelia Banks video? I have this song on repeat on my iPod. I don’t even know half of what she’s saying, but her energy and the emotion is infectious. If you want to see the actual video it’s —-> here.

2 thoughts on “Seventy-two

  1. Good, if you post then you can encourage me to post too! 😉 I definitely recommend looking for some fun weekly memes, if only to get yourself started. And totally bring back your highly textured feature! I loved reading those!

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