Another semester down (and two more to go).

Classes are over for the semester.

*Does a little dance*

Now what am I going to do?


Since I’m working full-time, it really is just a rest break for my brain, but I do have ideas of filling that free time right back up. The first thing I want to dedicate that extra time to is being more diligent with exercise (and eating right). On a good week with classes I could workout four times for about 30-60 minutes, but most weeks it was only three. My summer goal is to workout five days out of the week. I notice that I eat better on the days I exercise, I also drink more water on those days. Coincidence?

My fun goal is to get more writing done. I’m going to take another online writing workshop in poetry. One of the nice things about my job is that we work every other Friday. On those Fridays I don’t work, I can do a mini-writer’s retreat for one. It isn’t beneficial as attending VONA,  Cave Canem, or Kimbilio, but…but…*hangs head*

Anyway, I’ll also get a lot of time to get more reading done. I plan to focus on reading short story collections and prose poems, particularly Claudia Rankine – she’s going to be my mentor-in-my-head for the summer.



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