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Public Library Patron Tip #2

It’s best to place a hold on holiday books three weeks before you need them. If you wait until the day before, there’s a good chance the book you want is gone.

For example, St. Patrick’s Day is in about three weeks. I did a quick search to see how many children’s fiction and non-fiction books should be at my branch. Out of ten results, none of them are available to check out. However, if you were to request the hold today, in three weeks the books that have been checked out will hit their due date and should find their way back to the library unless the books aren’t returned on time or the hold list is super long.

The frogs are just here because I was talking about St. Patrick's Day

From the National Geographic

Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like green frogs, right? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Public Library Patron Tip #2

    • Paleo books are fairly popular right now. Most of the recently published books are gone, except for this one called *Your Primal Body* by Mikki Reilly. The one I brought home last week already has four holds on it. You want me to grab one for you?

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