Battle of the Kids’ Books

The School Library Journal has a battle of kids books – or BoB – that uses brackets similar to NCAA Tournament (aka March Madness). This is the sixth round of the battle, but only my first year of knowing about it. I would much rather make predictions on books than on basketball. I’m in the process of listening to Eleanor & Park during my commute, but I bet it’s going to be a difficult book to beat. SLJ selects different authors as judges for each round, and I’m interested to see how Yuyi Morales, Malinda Lo, and Tonya Bolden will choose.

from the SLJ

from the SLJ website


5 thoughts on “Battle of the Kids’ Books

  1. Thanks for reminding us about the Battle! After looking at the list, I’m pretty excited to see who wins. I’ve read E & P, P.S. Be Eleven, Boxers, and March. I have no idea who’s going to win.

    Orangerful is right. Flora should go against another MG read like P.S. Be Eleven.

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