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Ch-ch-ch-changes (with my Classes)

Yeah, so I thought I was taking one class this semester and I thought that one class was going to be on young adult literature, but everything has changed. I’m taking two classes: Information Policy and Children’s Services in Public Libraries. I’m entering the third week of classes and so far the Children’s Services class is waaaaay more interesting and practical, since I work at a public library (that’s starting a brand new early literacy push in March). The Children’s Services class will cover the process of planning a program at the library, which is exactly the experience I need. Now I have a good excuse to read more picture books.


4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes (with my Classes)

  1. Sometimes the unexpected prepares us better than we could have anticipated. Glad it worked out for you! Also, glad you already work at a library. Wish you worked at mine lol.

  2. Hey goddaughter so glad to hear that things is working out for you and your enjoying your new class it’s alway’s a benefit to have soomething working out in our favor, and it’s nice to see pic as well

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