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All Done for the Semester.

I finished my two research papers. Yay! I only liked one of them, but hey, I don’t have to like everything I write. My last day of classes is today. I can’t imagine a lot of people are going to show up since we have already turned in our papers, but I’m going to go anyway. I’ll probably need those participation points for the unlikeable paper class.

I have a few weeks before my new library associate job starts, so I can catch up on some reading (and some writing). I have a big back…log.

Photo from Juniper Books

Photo from Juniper Books

8 thoughts on “All Done for the Semester.

    • Next semester I’m taking a class in Young Adult Literature, hopefully. I say hopefully because last semester I had a class that was cancelled due to low enrollment.

      I’d also like to take a writing class too.

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