If I could do it over…

…I would have gotten a full time paraprofessional job in the library first, and then started library school. Can you guess why? Some libraries have a tuition assistance program (TAP) that will pay a portion of your classes, which results in less loans taken out.

Dang! I wish I had known this before.


5 thoughts on “If I could do it over…

  1. Evelyn, remember that after you get your Masters, if you enter public service, you may be eligible for some loan forgiveness. This actually came up in last weeks #libchat on Twitter. Natalie Binder (@nataliebinder) provided this link to me with more information:

    I’ve been working full-time and going to school. My employer provides tuition assistance (TA), but you have to remain with the company for a I believe 3 years after you graduate. So there are trade-offs. If you’re wanting to jump into the job pool soon after you graduate, you have to weigh the possible cost of paying back the TA if you decide to leave before you complete that requirement vs. delaying new job prospects.

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