library school

And the Homework Starts

Last week classes started, so it’s time for me to get back into library student mode which entails a lot of reading and eventually writing. Both classes require a twenty page final research paper. Man.

Anyway, so in my Diverse Populations, Inclusion, and Information class, this week’s readings focus on library & information science and inclusion. One article said that the reason why there aren’t many librarians of color is because there aren’t enough people of color with master’s degrees in the general population to apply for the jobs. I’m paraphrasing, but you can read it for yourself here.


Mayme A. Clayton at UCLA Library, 1973 | Los Angeles Times photographic archives, UCLA Library

A second article said that since the Spectrum program was initiated in 1997, the numbers of POC in the LIS field graduating with an MLS is up to ten percent (2001). This made me wonder what the statistics were for UMD College Park. If I take just a visual count of the POC in my class (that I can identify), we represent 14 percent, and in my other class it goes up to 33 percent, but it would be great to know the true picture.

Back to my reading.

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