Tackling the Thickness

Okay, so thick books intimidate me. I’d rather read two or three books at time than tackle one super long book. I have to trick myself into reading long books. With Who Fears Death, I tricked myself by reading it on my Nook and for The Night Circus, I tricked myself by listening to it on audio.

I can’t trick myself with Americanah because it’s staring me in the face. I’m going to force encourage myself to read it, by creating mini vlogs about it on Instagram (or Vine). My goal is that I will compile them all on YouTube and then post it on my blog.

Wish me luck. 🙂

How do you deal with long novels?

6 thoughts on “Tackling the Thickness

  1. I’ve noticed that I’m more inclined to finish a book as an ebook than a physical book. Since I mostly borrow books from the library instead of purchasing, reading digitally helps me put aside that panicked feeling I get when I’m nearing the end of the three week borrowing period, but haven’t finished the book.

  2. I totally know what you mean! E-readers are fantastic for hiding the size of books but I’ll be 15% in be thinking “omg, this is a really long book”. Size is intimidating when you realize you have so much reading and so little time. But when I finish a really good book, I wish it was longer.

  3. I love Chunksters, of course, only the ones that are wildly entertaining. Because if it doesn’t have that certain something, it simply won’ sustain my interest at all. Once it’s engrossing then I don’t even notice the length. Good luck with Americanah. I’m yet to read it. Looking forward to your review.

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