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Classes and Conferences

Randomness. That’s what this post is going to be about because there hasn’t been much to share on the library front.


I’ll be taking two classes this coming semester, one “regular” class and one online. I’ve probably mentioned on here before that online classes are difficult for me in the way that I learn, but they aren’t impossible. The benefit though is that I only have to be in class one night a week for LBSC620. Plus, INST607 – E-Government: Information, Communication, and Policy – is the type of class that is relevant to public libraries and I can see myself being able to apply what I learn at work (and it is only offered online).


This weekend I went to a natural hair show (which is just like a library conference but without the library stuff), and was recognized by a crafty librarian I follow on Instagram. That was pretty cool. I hope I can convince her to be featured as a highly textured librarian.


And in the category of library-conferences-I-wish-I-could-attend, the National Conference of African American Librarians is happening in August.

That’s all on my end. What’s going on with you?

2 thoughts on “Classes and Conferences

  1. Almost done with classes. 2 more weeks and then I’m due until September for comps. Sorry, I couldn’t make the natural hair show. But I will be going to NCAAL next month. I’ll pick you up a souvenir.

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