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Impromptu Public Library Tour

Tweets about DCPL’s new Digital Commons at the MLK branch made me curious to find out exactly what it was all about. It’s like a technological jubilee. Doesn’t a workshop on creating Vine videos sound fun and innovative? It does to me. So what does that have to do with an impromptu tour? It was the catalyst – or at least partially – for a trip Saturday to three different DC public libraries in Northeast. No, those branches don’t have a digital commons, but they are the closest to me. I’ve never visited any public libraries in DC, outside of the MLK branch, so it was nice to see what the neighborhood branches were like, especially since they were recently built.

I was really impressed by the Dorothy I. Height/Benning library. The architecture is lovely, there are separate sections for children, teens, and adults; several study rooms, spacious conference rooms, and so much light coming in from the windows. Plus it’s conveniently located near a Metro station. I took a few pictures to share, but if you can, you should visit yourself.


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