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Part-time library job or Come be my co-worker.

Anne Arundel County Public Library is hiring for several jobs, including at the information desk (and at circulation where I started). The requirements are listed on the link, but I have a few ideas of my own on who should apply. This is all in fun. I don’t have any, and I mean ANY, say as to who gets hired. If I did, I would have a full time job there already. Here are the “suggestions” that I mentioned on Twitter:

  1. Live close to a Corner Bakery and bring in vanilla whoopee pies to share.
  2. Watched The Dark Crystal or Labyrinth when it came out in the theaters.
  3. Be familiar with pre-poos, co-washes, ACV rinses, etc.

I thought of a few more than I didn’t share on Twitter:

  1. Have a Y chromosome.
  2. Be able to quote significant scenes from The Color Purple.
  3. Have a cat.
  4. Be stylish.

I could probably keep going on, but these are just selfish wishes.  Some of my reasoning might be clear, others not so much.  For example, I’d like a stylish co-worker because I am not, and it would be nice to have someone around who could help me put together cute outfits for work. The cat? Eventually they’ll go on vacation, and guess who wants to cat-sit? Me! If you’ve been to any public library, you know that male librarians are scarce, especially men of color. The Color Purple reference is self-explanatory to those who can quote it.

So do you have one or more of the qualities above?


4 thoughts on “Part-time library job or Come be my co-worker.

  1. I have the last three qualities, and I’d be more stylish if I earned more than what I’m currently earning. Alas, I don’t have any public library experience, although a community college does somewhat resemble a public library.

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