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A Full Time Agenda.

My second library school year is creeping around the corner. I say that not because it’s July and classes start in September, but because I’ve received a few emails from UMD about financial aid awards, promissory notes, and what not.

My goal for this school year is to have a full time job before I complete the spring semester. Despite all the grumblings about libraries dying and discussion about how few library jobs are available, I believe it can happen. AACPL was visited by the better budget fairies, so they will be able to hire a nice chunk of full time folks in the near future, plus DCPL & PGCMLS have open positions for library associates right now. I, of course, keep my eye on the Smithsonian’s website for job vacancies to see if any library technician spots are available (or other librarian-ish type positions).

It’s going to happen, but I feel antsy and angst-y about it for the time being and it doesn’t help that I didn’t get the graduate assistantship position at the Driskell Center.


15 thoughts on “A Full Time Agenda.

    • Can you imagine that? If I got invited for an interview and at the end they were like, “Why should we pick you over the other applicants?” And my response was “Cause my Momma said so.”


      • I totally think you should say that! It would show your sense of humor and how fun you can be. Then, of course, mention even MORE reasons you are awesome. But never discount the power of making people chuckle who have just sat through 8 hours of interviews. 🙂

  1. You’re going to get something! I didn’t get any assistantships when I was in grad school either, but I did have a summer/Saturday teaching gig with a non-profit so it all worked out in the end. Just keep your head up.

      • Well, last I heard, they’re still hiring for Library Associates. I think they have started interviewing some people, but they’re still accepting applications.

      • Definitely less than 10. I’m not quite sure though. Because they advertise the positions internally and give current library associates opportunity to transfer if they want. So I’m not sure which ones still need to be filled. I would guess at least 5. I have heard that they have had trouble filling some positions, because people are picky about location.

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