highly textured librarian

Highly Textured Librarian: Ta-Shiré

high•ly tex•tured li•brar•i•an: A person who is a specialist in library work and has curly or kinky hair.

Welcome Ta-Shiré to Librarian Dreams.

1.What is your signature hairstyle and how do you achieve it? I usually wear my locs in a loose spiral curl pattern. It’s achieved by setting my wet hair on pipe cleaners (yup, the kind from the craft store!) or in barrel curlers, where my hair is curled around itself.

2. Which books could give insight on you as a person? Why?
Their Eyes Were Watching God. When Janie defines herself by herself, and not by her relationships and appearance, it all comes together for her. It took me a while to get there (my mid-20’s), but once I did, I never looked back. I loved the entire Harry Potter series because I really respect the way J. K. Rowling used elements of literary canon and made it her own wonderful creation that influenced not only my generation, but will have an impact on children for years to come.


3. What is your role at the library? I am the Night and Weekend Supervisor at Thurgood Marshall Law Library of The University of Maryland. I hire, train and supervise the night and weekend crew here and we handle circulation needs. I am also the Government Documents Coordinator, which means I am responsible for the organization and management of the library’s government information collections.


4. If you were trying to recruit other highly textured folks to become librarians, what would you say? The best libraries represent their surrounding community. Receiving information from someone who may understand where you are coming from literally and figuratively can mean a world of difference. I didn’t see a Black librarian until I was a teenager and it meant the world to me.

Want to know more about Ta-Shiré? You can find her on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Are you a highly textured librarian too? If you would like to be featured, send an email to highlytexturedlibrarian AT gmail.com.

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