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Highly Textured Librarian: Cecily

high•ly tex•tured li•brar•i•an: A person who is a specialist in library work and has curly or kinky hair.

Welcome Cecily to Librarian Dreams.

1. What is your signature hair style and how do you achieve it?
cecily curly
I had dreads for 11 years up until June 2012, so that used to be my signature hairstyle. Now I wear a close-cropped Caesar cut that’s lightly faded on the side. I don’t get it cut as often as I should, so as it grows out, I maintain it with Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk products.

2. Which books could give insight on you as a person? Why?
will graysonFaitheistbookcover
I’ve never seriously thought about this before now! I guess I’d choose Faitheist by Chris D. Stedman because his story taught me that it’s most important to try to find common ground with those we disagree with and to see their humanity.

I’d also include Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green & David Levithan because it would show people that I’m a huge romantic at heart. It would probably also make people think I secretly want to make a musical out of my life.

3. What is your role at the library?
cecily work
I’m the Assistant Manager for Websites & Online Engagement at Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, Canada. I’m responsible for the overall patron experience of VPL’s online presence through supervision, organization, administration of VPL’s websites and social media channel and I work with the other Assistant Managers in the Digital Services Unit to ensure that our websites, in-house and licensed collections provide a seamless and positive user experience. I also coordinate projects, and supervise professional and paraprofessional staff.

4. If you were trying to recruit other highly textured folks to become librarians, what would you say?

At this point, when I look out on the demographic makeup of this profession, I’m more interested in getting more people of colour and men — especially black men — to enter the profession. This will be controversial, but I’ll take the risk: when non-POC ask me if they should go to library school, I usually tell them they shouldn’t. When POC ask me if they should become librarians, I usually relate the story of how important representation and seeing others who looked like me was as a child growing up. I’d also probably mention something about having the freedom, power, and responsibility to have a direct hand in curating, maintaining, and developing the cultural memory of your specific population. I’d also probably throw something in about how librarianship is ultimately a service profession, especially because service has been so important to our communities.

Want to know more about Cecily? You can find her on Twitter.

Are you a highly textured librarian too? If you would like to be featured, send an email to highlytexturedlibrarian AT gmail.com.

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