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Internships, Conferences, and Things.

It’s the last day of my spring break and it went by so fast. Too fast. I has a sad that it’s ending.


I can’t remember if I mentioned applying to a few internships for this summer. Anyway, I heard back from one…and they don’t want me.

*A moment of silence for my pity party*

Another internship I haven’t heard back from yet, so there’s still hope.

In other news, one of my library jobs is in the hiring process for a part-time library associate. If I was selected it would take the sting out of not getting that summer internship, it’s actually better than getting the internship because it’s a paid position and I still get the benefit of gaining professional experience in a library. Ideally, by the time I graduate with my MLS I want my resume to reflect that I have at least three years experience working in libraries.

Okay this next part is a secret, so don’t tell anyone. I’m going to be DEAL‘s first MLA conference intern. It’s not really a secret, it just doesn’t feel real yet. I’m pumped! I ordered business cards from Moo and everything. I better peruse Librarian Wardrobe to find appropriate outfits to wear for a library conference.

See you there.

11 thoughts on “Internships, Conferences, and Things.

  1. If only I had an internship to give… 🙂 Evelyn – very smart about the yrs of experience for your resume/cv! So few think to do this. Katy Berube of DEAL would be so happy!

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