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Keeping Track: What I Read in February

1. The Desperate Dog Writes Again by Eileen Christelow (Picture Book).

2. Pym by Mat Johnson (Fiction/audiobook).
This is actually my second “reading” of this book. I was curious to see how it was on audio.

3. Sorry Please Thank You by Charles Yu (Science Fiction/audiobook).

4. Sam and the Tigers by Julius Lester (Picture Book).

5. Pitch Black by Youme Landowne and Anthony Horton (Graphic Novel).

6. MirrorMask by Neil Gaiman (YA Graphic Novel).

7. How to Survive in a Science Fictional World by Charles Yu (Science Fiction/audiobook).

8. “Books and Babies” by Rochelle Spencer (Non-fiction/article).

9. “Common Examples of Information Behavior,” “The Concept of Information,” and Information Needs and Information Seeking” by Donald O. Case (Non-fiction/textbook).

10. “Determining the Question: In Person, Telephone, and Virtual Reference Interviews,” “Finding the Answer: Basic Search Techniques,” and “Answering Questions About Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Libraries, Publishers, and Bibliographic Networks” by Kay Cassell and Uma Hiremath (Non-fiction/textbook).

11. “Quiet Please” by Aimee Bender (Short Story).

12. “My Love Will Never Die” by Christopher Caldwell (Short Story).

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