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Spotted: A Grumpy Librarian.

Since starting library school I’ve had a heightened awareness of librarian characters in fiction. While reading the MirrorMask I spotted a minor character who was a grumpy (male) librarian which is one of the common stereotypes about librarians. I plan on being a librarian that doesn’t fit that mold. What type of rebranding scheme could libraries enact to change these views?


5 thoughts on “Spotted: A Grumpy Librarian.

  1. As a child I I had an image of librarians as grumpy and uptight, but now… I guess the stereotypes that rise in my mind are ones based on anime and video games, haha. The sexy, mysterious librarian. The cloistered, focused academic. The wise guardian of knowledge. Or someone who is cute, shy, and bookish. I suppose when I hear the word “librarian” I imagine someone who is, in my eyes, very glamorous and intelligent. Weird, huh? (Well not the intelligent part, but… you know 😀 )

  2. As someone who wore out many library cards growing up, I can say that my image of a librarian is a kindly (woman) who either knows, or knows where to find, everything. You know, like in real life!

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