Hip Hop Library: An Open Letter to Rappers.

Dear Jay-Z, Will Smith, L. L. Cool J, and (insert your name here),

I was day dreaming recently and in this dream I pictured a special library that was soley focused on hip hop, similar to the one at Cornell, but for the general public. Can you imagine it? All the of the books, magazines, DVDs, CDs, video games, databases, and programs, will only be about hip hop. iPods could be checked out that are preloaded with special mixes from your favorite DJs, 80s hip hop gently wafting out of the speakers, Apple computers full of the best apps for musicians. Hip hop conferences where professors come to lecture, you know, to make it legit.

So you’re thinking, “Evelyn, how would we make a profit?” You aren’t. Just kidding, it’s totally possible, probably. If there were a top-notch studio attached to the library, you can rent out studio time for a fee. Along with a studio, have a theater and charge for concert tickets. Have an exhibition area showcasing different hip hop fashion and charge for entry. Hold silent auctions of jewlery, sneakers, lacefronts, etc. from famous rappers. I’m sure there are some other ways that I haven’t thought of…

Anyway, just think about it. I’m not the only one to have this idea…and if you need a librarian to run it, I graduate with my MLS in 2014. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hip Hop Library: An Open Letter to Rappers.

  1. 3 things popped into my head while reading this:
    1. Brilliant
    2. RUN DMC on Reading Rainbow
    3. Have you every heard of the The Hip-Hop Word Count? It’s thing a pal of mine (Tahir Hemphill) created some years back.
    That is all.
    Continue to shine.

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