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Special Library Tours

Ah. My first semester of library school is complete. The last few weeks were rough, but now I’m done and can relax a bit. Except I’m not totally relaxing because I’ve set up a few library tours at special libraries.


I went to the a library inside of the National Museum of American History. It’s bigger than I expected, but I should have realized it would be since the museum itself is larger than the NMAfA. (I visited there a few weeks ago). I didn’t take any pictures inside the library, but on my way out, I stepped inside the NMAAHC Gallery and took a few. I’m sure you can imagine what I was thinking while I was in there.


The Baltimore Art Museum’s library is in a separate building next to the museum, and like the Smithsonian libraries, you have to make an appointment before you visit.


So far, special libraries are different from the other types of libraries because the people who utilize them are generally curators & researchers from the museum, the library staff is small, and job satisfaction seems to be high.


That last point is important to me. Being happy with my job is what I really want.

I have one more tour set up this week and then I’ll relax for real. I’ve already started playing Skyrim again. 🙂

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