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Book Bits: Glaciers

If you like postcards, librarians, books that reference other books, ephemera, prose poetry, and thrift shopping, then you will probably eat this book up in one setting. I’m adding this to my imaginary list of books all librarians should read.

Check out a few librarian-ish quotes from Glaciers by Alexis M. Smith:

“All day Isabel presides over the library’s damaged books, which ironically, requires lots of paperwork.”

“She abandoned writing for library science in college, at the urging of her grandmother, who claimed there was no market for being in love with words.”

“Isabel chose her area of specialty, preservation and conservation, as a minor rebellion and as a matter of course: salvaging the mistreated came naturally to her, though it might not be the most marketable skill she could acquire.”

Other reasons to love this book: the characters reference Dhalgren and Giovanni’s Room, the book cover art is amazing, and there is a cockroach named Oolong.

P.S. Glaciers is a World Book Night pick.

5 thoughts on “Book Bits: Glaciers

  1. I wonder do you ever hear from the authors you write up about? You are truly doing them a big service my dear, I want to read it because it sorta sounds like you

    • Hmmm, I don’t have any hard statistics, but I’ll say that are hear from about 25% of them. I don’t do it for their acknowledgement, I do it for the love of the book. If I did, the fact that the percentage wasn’t higher would hurt my feelings.

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