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World Book Night

I first heard about World Book Night from kYmberly, who was selected last year as one of the “World Book Givers” participants (and also featured on my blog as a highly textured librarian). World Book Night is held on April 23rd. On that day, the people who were selected, give away 20 books to people. The goal is to reach people who are “light and non-readers” in your community. I’m not sure how to spot a non-reader or a light reader, but I figure I can just ask that question.

I love the idea of trying to spark new people to become readers (seems a fitting trait for someone who wants to be a librarian), so this year I applied to be a participant. Looking over the list of books that participants get to choose from, I selected two that I had read before and one independent book that looked interesting and could probably use the extra promotion. My top choice, however, was The House on Mango Street because I adore that book and I wish I wrote it.


6 thoughts on “World Book Night

  1. Oh I was just thinking about giving some of my books away too. I have a bunch of cookbooks , but that probably won’t apply huh ? Lol

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